UCC’s Autumn 2016 Course – Diverse Styles, Same Principals

P‌artnering with WTKO Cork, UCC Karate club is delighted to announce we are hosting an exciting weekend of seminars by Julian Mead Sensei (RKAGB) and Scott Langley Sensei, at the UCC’s Mardyke Arena for the weekend on September 17th and 18th , 2016.

‌‌This is a great opportunity to train with an excellent ‌‌‌instructors who spent years in Japan and subsequently brought that knowledge and experience back to Europe to the benefit of those practicing here.

The karate of both instructors has been shaped by differing styles from the Japanese Islands, and this course promises to be an exciting exploration of how underpinning principals are expressed and interpreted differently through the teachings of different schools of thought.

This course follows on from UCCKC-WTKO Cork’s previous co-hosted seminars held in the NMCI, UCC’s Mardyke Pavilion, and UCC’s Mardyke Arena. where both Sensei’s teachings on ‌the fundamental principals of martial arts, and were not to be missed. This time, the two are coordinating a joint course, with UCCKC eager to see the fusion of ideas and practices that results from such collaborative occasions.

For further information check out the event webpage  or the Facebook page, or email karate@uccclubs.ie