New Year, New Karate Beginners Class – Jan. 24th

With the 2017 Spring semester underway, UCC Karate Club is delighted to be running a Spring set of karate classes for absolute beginners.

Running over the course of 6 weeks, these classes will cover all the basics, everything you need to figure out whether karate is for you, and progress to more dedicated training into the future.

We know it seems hard to start off not ever having done karate before, but this is the perfect place to start” – says Rory, the beginners coach,  – “With karate, it’s genuinely never too late to start, and it’s real easy to at UCC. Classes are fairly informal, fun, and there’s a great vibe and a fair amount of laughs as ye all encounter and figure out new movements and stuff. Plus, it’s pure class for getting a break from the books and folks hectic college lives, actually helping you to focus and study when the exams arrive“. Rory himself started karate in his first year in UCC, during the Spring Semester (he was kind of reticent to say what year though), jokingly admitting to spending most of his first years “fallinng on [his] arse regularly“. Training has improved his balance since those early years thankfully enough.

Classes for beginners start next Tuesday, the 24th of January, at 18:00 in Hall 1 of UCC’s Mardyke Arena, and finish at 19:30. All folks need is to wear comfortable training gear (tracksuit/shorts, t-shirt etc.) You don’t event need to wear shoes and socks, as we train barefoot!! Training for the six weeks will be 1 day a week (every Tuesday thereafter), whilst beginners learn the ropes, and figure out whether it’s for them, and gain some basic self-defence tricks and techniques.

UCCKC have created a Facebook event page if folks want to put it in their calendar, or ask questions.

Alternatively, people can email for more information.

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