Stephen Collins Sensei

Position: UCCKC Chief Instructor

Groups: Teachers,


Steve Sensei started his training in Karate in 1979 in a rusty parish hall in his local village. He took his Kyu grades up to 3rd Kyu with Tomita sensei of the JKA. His final 2 Kyu grades were with Enoeda sensei and a very young Ohta Sensei .

Achieving Shodan in 1983. Later that same year he became the youngest Grand Champion of the JKA group in Ireland. Steve has trained with and graded under some of the most famous and respected Karate instructors in the world, receiving Shodan from Ohta Sensei in 1983, Nidan from Enoeda Sensei in 1986, Sandan from Kawasoe Sensei in 1998, Yondan from Trimble Sensei in 2004 and Godan from Amos Sensei in 2014. A “Who’s Who” list of Shotokan Karate instructors.

Shortly after attaining Nidan he moved to London. He trained with various clubs while there. Spending some years under the instruction of Michael Randall Sensei, Steve was also a member for some years of the infamous Martial Street dojo and spent many years training under Enoeda Sensei there.

Steve has competed both nationally and internationally and has won numerous national titles over the years both with Kata and Kumite. He has represented his country on many occasions and was National team Captain while with the ITKF.

Steve Sensei began his tenure as a UCCKC instructor in January 2017. He is also the senior instructor in “The Karate Dojo”, a successful Dojo he runs in Douglas, Cork.

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