About Us

Karate is the perfect way to develop and maintain a healthy mind and body during your time in University! Our club is also a great place to meet people from across all UCC’s walks of life. Training benefits and develops your coordination, balance, mobility, flexibility and strengthens your body. It also teaches discipline, and develops self-confidence and perseverance. Karate is also an unreal stress-buster – perfect for getting a sorely-needed breather from your often hectic University life!

We have a great social calendar to boot – nights out, road trips to competitions, and trips to train with other clubs. We also compete in many local Open events, and at intervarsity level – happy days for those who enjoy competing and want that extra bit of experience!

UCCKC caters for all levels – from complete beginners, through to intermediates and more senior brown and black belts. So if you’ve never done karate before, and want to try out something new, we have a dedicated class for you. Likewise, if you’re an intermediate or senior from elsewhere, UCC karate club is the perfect place to keep your training on track, or get a bit of extra done.

In a nutshell, if you want to train, you are more than welcome.

Students who train with us come from a wide variety of backgrounds, organisations, and nations. This has made the club into a truely fantastic environment for experiencing a diversity of karate styles and ideas whilst training in core shotokan principals. The club is quite active competitively at a local, regional and intervarsity level. However, with that being said, there’s no pressure on our students to compete of course, it just complements the training we do.

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