UCC Karate Club is affiliated to the World Traditional Karate Organisation (WTKO), through WTKO Ireland.

All UCC students are entitled to train with UCCKC, and compete on behalf of University College Cork. UCC students do not have to be members of the WTKO to do so. Furthermore, we encourage student’s home dojos to contact us to ensure your students continue to progress and train productively whilst away from home and studying in UCC.

For those who wish to pursue grading through UCCKC, grading standards adhere with those set by WTKO Ireland. As such, students who wish to grade should be members of WTKO Ireland. This can be done quickly by¬† simply downloading this form, filling it in, and hand it to Steve Sensei with the affiliation fee of 30 EUR, and a passport sized photo (when selecting =”Club and Licence type” simply select “UCC Karate Club”). If you have any questions, chat to one of the UCC Karate Club’s instructors.

UCCKC is also a member of ONAKAI – the Official National Amateur Karate Association of Ireland – Ireland’s’ largest all style national karate organisation. ONAKAI brings together the three main styles practiced in Ireland – Shotokan, Wado and Kenpo – for the principal purpose of producing a fully representational national squad for international competition, and also to coordinate, regulate and promote all karate activities within the 32 counties of Ireland.