UCCKC all set for a kick-ass 2019/20 season.

  • 9th September, 2019

UCC karate club is all set for an exciting, diverse, and zen-filled 2019/20 year, with the club returning to regular training 18:00 in Hall 1 of the Mardyke Arena on Tuesday September 10th. This year features a number of events, including trips to compete in two intervarsity competitions. We're

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Gains for UCC Karate at last weekend’s Open National Championships.

  • 27th November, 2017

UCC Karate club delivered a fantastic karate competition this weekend working with it's national body WTKO Ireland, and made some very solid club competitive gains in preparation for next years intervarsities. The WTKO Open National Championships, held in the Mardyke Arena last Saturday, featured

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UCC Karate hosts its biggest event in over ten years.

  • 25th November, 2017

UCC Karate Club is hosting its biggest event in over ten years this Saturday, holding the WTKO National Open Championships , which is open to all, on Saturday (November 25th). This exciting event is being organised with the national body (WTKO Ireland), with pre-registrations in from across the

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Training kicks off for the 2017/2018 college year

  • 10th September, 2017

UCC Karate Club is all set to go for a jam packed year of training, instructors courses, competitions, laughs, and general divilment. Training at UCCKC kicks off on Tuesday September 19th in Hall 1 of the Mardyke Arena from 18:00 to 19:30. For beginners, there will also be a six week

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New Year, New Karate Beginners Class – Jan. 24th

  • 17th January, 2017

With the 2017 Spring semester underway, UCC Karate Club is delighted to be running a Spring set of karate classes for absolute beginners. Running over the course of 6 weeks, these classes will cover all the basics, everything you need to figure out whether karate is for you, and progress to more

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UCC’s Autumn 2016 Course – Diverse Styles, Same Principals

  • 14th August, 2016

P‌artnering with WTKO Cork, UCC Karate club is delighted to announce we are hosting an exciting weekend of seminars by Julian Mead Sensei (RKAGB) and Scott Langley Sensei, at the UCC’s Mardyke Arena for the weekend on September 17th and 18th , 2016. ‌‌This is a great opportunity to train

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UCC’s Spring Course with Scott Langley Sensei – 16th & 17th January 2016

  • 22nd December, 2015

P‌artnering with WTKO Cork, UCC Karate club is again proud to host Scott Langley Sensei, 6th dan, at the UCC’s Mardyke Arena for the weekend on January 16th and 17th, 2016. ‌‌This is a great opportunity to train with an excellent ‌‌‌instructor who graduated from the infamous JKS

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End of another term

  • 19th April, 2015

And as another term comes to pass, the karateka of UCC karate club have another year's experience under their belts! This year has been an astounding year with so many new faces and it's obvious that there's a bright path ahead for them all wherever they choose to venture. There have been

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Interdisciplinary Martial Arts Intervarsity

  • 10th February, 2015

  First of all, we would like to congratulate everybody who attended and competed at the recent intervarsities. Everybody exceeded our greatest expectations and it was great to have such huge numbers turn up! It was a long day with a lot of waiting around but I think everyone would agree

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