Refereeing course with Angelo Sanna Sensei (WTKO) 24/11/2017

P‌artnering with WTKO Cork, UCC Karate club is running an open refereeing course for karateka at Shodan level or above. The evening course will cover the broader principles of refereeing at a fair tournament competition that allows competitors to showcase their best karate in a positive environment. It will be taught using the WTKO tournament rules as a framework.

UCCKC are delighted to have Angelo Sanna Sensei delivering the seminar. Angelo Sensei is now a regular as the head referee at WTKO events hosted in Ireland. He brings with him years of experience to bear, and has proven to be a rock of experience in WTKO tournaments previously hosted at UCC. His tips, and experience will form the basis of this evening course, and UCCKC very much look forward to facilitating him in doing so.

For more information on the course, or register your interest in attending, please do not hesitate to email us, or check out the event Facebook page.

Course Info:

This is an Open course on all aspects of WTKO competition.
Angelo Sanna Sensei, WTKO Chief referee will be conducting the course.

For participants who are members of the WTKO, there is an exam after for those wanting to gain a further level in their referee status, cost of exam is €35 (WTKO only)

  • A Shodan can achieve level “F” Fuku Shin (assistant judge)
  • A Nidan can achieve level “E” Fuku Shin (assistant judge)
  • A Sandan can achieve level “D” Fuku Shin (assistant judge)
  • A Yondan can achieve level “C” Shu Shin (main judge)
  • A Godan can achieve level “B” Shu Shin (main judge)
  • A Rokudan can achieve level “A” Shu Shin (main judge)

Candidates will have to be already Judges in order to receive a more senior level, for example, if a 5th Dan has never achieved any judges level, he (or she) will be required to start with the first level, and gradually, with years of experience reach the level required for a Godan, Sanna Sensei will check the level of understanding of each individual, and if their understanding is appropriate they will receive the corresponding level, i.e. a Sandan will not be allowed to try for a C level as the latter is a National level, A and B are international levels reserved for senior people with greater knowledge.

Also there is a minimum of one year between levels, this is however, only for the junior levels E, F and G, which can change as applicable, i.e. depending on the skill achieved by the candidate, any of the more senior levels will require many more years of attending competitions and applying the rules correctly.

Details can be downloaded as a handy Pdf here.


‌‌‌The course will be held in UCC Mardyke Pavilion (UCC’s Mardyke Sports Grounds). ‌See this map for directions.
UCC Karate Club members shall be waiting in the main Foyer of the Mardyke Arena and at the main entrance to the Pavilion to guide you.
Address: Mardyke Pavilion, UCC, Mardyke Sports Grounds, Mardyke Walk, Western Road, Cork City.
Should you have any problems finding the course venues, or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Rory on 0863107152


Friday, November 24th, 18:30– 21:00 hrs.


Cost is €25 per person.

For those who wish to take the referees exam (WTKO members only), the cost is an additional €35.

Space is limited somewhat. Please let us know if you are thinking of attending via a quick email to!